Monthly Meeting Notes 0608

Saturday, 19th January, 2008 – 12:43 by Ian Conaghan

Date – June 3rd 2008Time – 7:30pmDuration – 1 hour, 30 minutesLocation – Room 2.22, Building 312 (Geology), Curtin University Bentley


Although a presentation of new Mac Point of Sale software by Matt Healey had been promoted on our website, Matt, due to a last minute work commitment couldn’t make it.  He hopes to do it in the near future.

The evening was launched by Peter Hinchliffe introducing a new member, Jane.   This was followed by the usual Q & A, which unlike the previous month only resulted in one question, a colour sync problem with a plasma TV.

Peter then demonstrated Sandvox, a template based website authoring application.   It is easy to use and creates very clean and well constructed HTML but there is no requirement for the user to know HTML. It interacts with DreamWeaver and supports drag and drop media files.   Sandvox retails for US$49 for the standard version and US$79 for the pro model.   See Version Tracker.

This bought us to the highlight of the evening, a presentation on GarageBand by Ron Kerr.   As most Mac users would be aware, GarageBand is the music creation module in the iLife suite. Although plagued by a couple of minor technical glitches beyond his control, Ron gave a very entertaining and informative demonstration of this very powerful application in action, tossing around terms such as tempo, beat, rhythm, modulation and pitch.   The demo included use of the keyboard in addition to other software instruments and showed the visual interpretation of the music and tracks.   It was a sad coincidence that we had music as a theme on the date that Bo Diddley, one of the great fathers of rock and roll, passed away. We look forward to Ron’s return to take us further down the GarageBand journey.

The evening was rounded off with Colyn Healey’s presentation of coffee, tea and biccies.   We tend to forget that folks such as Colyn working in the background help make these evenings a success.

And “now a word from our sponsor” – keep the first Tuesday night in September free for what promises to be a rather special WAMUG night.

A live recording can be seen at


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