Keyboard shortcuts..including that pesky Print Screen

Friday, 28th March, 2008 – 08:00 by Rosemary Horton

Are you like me? Do you have to use Windows at work and prefer an Apple at home? I find mostly this causes no problem, except with keyboard shortcuts. My mind sometimes just glitches.

For common things like Copy (Option + C) ; paste Option + V) ; Cut (Option + X) things are usually pretty easy to remember, but Print Screen etc that’s another story!

Many lists have funny symbols. Eg What’s the command key? That’s the one with apple on, or the funny curvy square , between the option button and the space bar, it looks like this. Clover

  • Clover Command
  • ../art/ks_control.gif Control
  • ../art/ks_option.gif Option or Alt
  • ../art/ks_shift.gif Shift

Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts

Apple’s list is good, but is not completely comprehensive

However, for our Print Screen

Command-Shift-3 takes a picture of the screen

Command-Shift-4 takes a picture of a selection

Command-Shift-4, then press Control while selecting Take a picture of the screen, place in Clipboard

Command-Shift-4, then spacebar Take a picture of the selected window


Keyboard Shortcuts Apple Human Interface Guidelines Apple developer

Keyboard Shortcuts Macrumors

Magical Macintosh Key Sequences Dave Polaschek

70+ Keyboard shortcuts to move faster in Apple Mac OS X Tech Republic pdf file

What’s your favourite keyboard shortcut?

  1. 2 Responses to “Keyboard shortcuts..including that pesky Print Screen”

  2. A keyboard shortcut I use a lot is command+tab to cycle through open applications.

    By Edward on Apr 1, 2008

  3. In case anyone’s wondering, the screen captures are called Picture 1.png, Picture 2.png and are deposited on the Desktop… (except of course, the captures to clipboard!)

    By Rod on Apr 1, 2008

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