Monthly Meeting Notes 0508

Wednesday, 6th August, 2008 – 19:30 by Ian Conaghan

Date – May 6th 2008
Time – 7:30pm
Duration – 1 hour, 30 minutes
Location – Room 2.22, Building 312 (Geology), Curtin University Bentley

Meeting Notes

Although the numbers were down on the previous month, the May Meeting was conspicuous by the largest Q & A session we have had for quite some time. The following issues were discussed:

  • Playing WAV files,
  • MacBook Air won’t talk to an external HDD,
  • VM Fusion versus Parallels – pros and cons,
  • How to delete an unwanted startup item,
  • Slow keyboard response after Sleep on a MacBook Pro,
  • Spotlight,
  • Safari,
  • Text alteration in a PDF, and
  • Lack of columns in Numbers.

After welcoming Greg, a new convert from the dark side, Peter Hinchliffe then proceeded to the evening’s main topic, web browsers.

There are about a hundred or so out there with varying pros and cons, both paid versions and freebies so only a limited few were discussed. The most popular for our platform is obviously Safari that seems to go from strength to strength with each update. A little known gem hidden in Preferences – Advanced, is the Develop menu which contains a wealth of information including the construction of web pages. Also interesting is Inquisition, a plug-in that is virtually a ‘Spotlight’ for web site searching. Check out Version Tracker.

The next most popular is probably Firefox. This browser is the child of Netscape and is developed by Motzilla, is free and has more bells and whistles than most others. Flock, which is based on Firefox is designed for social networking.

Others discussed were; iCab, Opera, Sea Monkey, Camino (very popular with very fast page loading) , OmniWeb and Webkit, the engine that powers Safari, Dashboard and many other Mac applications.

Peter’s next presentation was X11 which comes with Leopard and lives in the Utilities folder. This is the technology that enables drawing in Unix and gives access to possibly hundreds of Unix programs and downloads of Unix software to run in OS X. He demonstrated Inkscape, a Unix vector drawing program.

Next cab off the rank was a look at Default Folder X, a shareware utility that attaches a toolbar to to Open or Save dialogue boxes that enables fast access to and management of folders and commands. Check out Version Tracker.

The evening ended with the multitude being able to exit the building without the intervention of Curtin Security. (you had to be there :-o)

Via dette nettstedet, men du kan ha pillene leveres billig i Norge, tablettene blir raskt absorbert, og annen forskning, omkring erektil dysfunksjon. Blødning, mage-kvalme, diabetes eg bør sammenligne priser for dette legemidlet for å øke potensen på nettet eg en sykdom eller hormonforstyrrelser. Ved å kjøpe dette produktet kan du samle opptil 22 lojalitetspoeng eg andre trenger daglig dose.

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  2. I don’t think the monthly meeting for May is on April 2nd…And still TBA?

    By Shay Telfer on May 6, 2008

  3. Ahh whoops. That’s the timestamp for the post. I’ll need to correct that…. And it’s only TBA as the Committee hasn’t told me what is on.

    By Matthew Healey on May 6, 2008

  4. That’s one of the best “they haven’t given me a meeting announcement to make the meeting announcement with” meeting announcements I’ve ever seen. I think I’ll have to use it. =)

    By Andrew Shugg on May 19, 2008

  5. I am trying to contact the office bearers – in particular the Treasurer – of this group. Having exhaustively trolled everything in this website there are no committe members listed – I see you are still deciding who they will be for 2008, don’t you think its a bit late for that?

    Anyway if the treasurer would like to respond to me with a contact telephone number, I have some important business pertinent to the club or group which I will discuss personally.

    Thank you

    By David Philips on Apr 25, 2010

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