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Tuesday, 21st October, 2008 – 15:14 by Administrator

Hi Everyone,

After a long a painful journey the new, easier to manage, WAMUG Web Site is now open. Although it is by no means finished. Have a play and see if you can break it.

As it supports comments on the pages, feel free to leave one. Tell us what works, what doesn’t and if you think something should be added.

– Matt

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  1. 13 Responses to “New Web Site”

  2. Looks cool, be nice when its finished. Thanks for spending the time 🙂

    By Roger Kortas on Feb 21, 2008

  3. Excellent work Matt.

    Really appreciate your efforts.

    By Ruben on Feb 21, 2008

  4. Looks good and all the links worked smoothly for me. I reckon the header ‘Welcome to WAMUG’ would be better in a larger size. Cheers, Paul.

    By Paul on Feb 22, 2008

  5. Matt
    A huge improvement. I can now start paying fees again.
    By the way on JOIN are the following sentences.

    If you are unable to attend our meetings, you may post a cheque to PO Box 514, WEMBLEY 6913.

    Finally you can use the orange PayPal link on the left hand side of every page.

    Do you mean “left hand side of the directory page” with respect to the PayPal link?

    By Merv on Feb 22, 2008

  6. Very impressive. Very clean look.

    By Rosemary Horton on Feb 22, 2008

  7. You do realize that at no time on the website do you actually provide information as to where on the Bentley campus that the meetings are held ?

    By Peter Ottaway on Feb 23, 2008

  8. Thanks Peter, I have added it to the Meetings page.

    By Administrator on Feb 23, 2008

  9. At last……for someone who has difficulty getting to meetings the PayPal option is a blessing.

    Lurking no more!

    By Michael Kane Taylor on Feb 29, 2008

  10. can I post a “PAGES” question ? Or do I have to be a member ?

    By Walter on Mar 15, 2008

  11. Great new website!

    I receive the daily digest of list messages but am not sure how to post a message myself or reply to a specific posting in the digest.

    Please include simple instructions on the WAMUG website.


    By Paul Kristensen on May 13, 2008

  12. Nicely done, and WordPress is a great choice.

    It a pity that we never heard back on the competition that WAMUG held to create the Joomla template.

    Those who entered may have liked to have done the same for WordPress?

    By Ady on May 30, 2008

  13. Hi Matt,

    Can you tell me when the next meeting (august)is on?

    By Heather B on Aug 20, 2009

  14. Needs a direct link to where you can post.

    By Derek on Jul 3, 2010

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