Leaking memories, fixed in minutes!

Friday, 5th June, 2009 – 22:40 by Toby Oldham

Everyone can remember bad experiences with software, or software developers. I think its generally accepted that, biologically speaking, we remember bad stuff more often than good stuff so we don’t get our left arm eaten by a saber-tooth tiger (having already lost our right-arm at the last cross-species pub crawl).

The great thing about the printed (or electronically recorded) word is that we can store away the good stuff we’d otherwise hurriedly leave by the side of the forest path as we made room for important concepts like ‘don’t poke big cats in the eye.’

My contribution then to this world-wide phenomenon, is a paragraph (or three) about a cool developer:

I was given a copy of Comic-Life (Plasq.com) by a mate a couple of years ago. It’s great software – I used it a few times, and would have used it more; if my well of creative passion hadn’t been diluted by World of Warcraft.

Time passed, and even the Alcatraz-like prison that Blizzard built couldn’t hold me forever (well, until the next expansion anyway). Around the same time as I emerged from my virtual hole, Plasq produced a revamped version of CL; they rewrote the whole app, and added ‘Magiq’ to the title.

I bought a copy (it’s pretty cheap) and had a go at designing a comic book invitation to a birthday. I quickly observed a couple of bugs that … well, they bugged me, so I shot off an e-mail to the developers, and tried to finish the project while not getting too frustrated.

The time was about 9.30pm. Within 2 minutes of sending the report, I received an e-mail response from the Devs, with a solution to one of the bugs, and a firm commitment that the second bug would be resolved shortly. The amazing thing? It was. I can’t remember ever receiving such prompt, polite and responsive customer support.

So I’ll post it here, tag it appropriately and let it get swept into the ‘Net, safe from my own inevitable cynicism.

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