Monthly Meeting – February 2011

Monday, 10th January, 2011 – 16:51 by Pete Smith

DATE: 1 February, 2011
LOCATION: FutureSphere, Level 1 Building L; Christ Church Grammar School, Queenslea Drive, Claremont.
DURATION: 7.30 – 9.00pm
Meeting Programme: Running Windows within Apple   &   The new App store for Mac.

Meeting Notes

The meeting started with the usual questions and answers and a look at Peter H’s screen saver when it clicked on. Cute bunny rabbits hopping all over the screen and leaving gorgeous little feet marks everywhere! Anyway, there were only a few questions this month but one notable one was about the ability to manually sort photos in iPhoto. It was interesting that amongst the group present with their

laptops, running identical iPhoto, some could use the manual sort option whilst the others had the option greyed out. Unfortunately, why this was could not be solved in the available time although some knowledge about manual sort was gained. Marlene promised to post some info onto the list that she had at home and subsequently did.

From the Q&A we all traipsed into the tea room and got a cuppa and a biscuit or two.

Then, as we quietly sipped our cuppas, Peter H demonstrated the running of Windows using Parallels Desktop and the free VirtualBox. Whilst you can run Windows in Boot Camp, that method means that your computer becomes, to all intents and purposes, a Windows computer, wholly and solely. The advantage of using Parallels or VirtualBox (or VMware Fusion) is that your Mac is still running as a Mac and you can access your files, stored on the Mac, from within the Windows virtual environment. Anti-virus was discussed as to whether you need it or not. Very basically, if you’re going to access the interwebby from within the Windows virtual environment, you’ll need it; if you’re not going onto the interwebby, don’t worry. One good piece of advice from the group was to disconnect the virtual environment from the ethernet card. At first I thought they meant some physical connection (silly me!) but it’s just a tick or no tick in the settings of Parallels.

From there we moved onto the new App Store where Peter H showed how easy it is to access and browse. These apps are different from the iPhone and iPad apps in iTunes. They range from free to in excess of $100 and are for use on your actual Mac. Some of the apps are not just little ones either but the full blown software, such as Aperture ($99.99) and Numbers. When browsing the apps, the store actually tells you whether you have the app installed on your computer by saying “Installed” instead of the price. One app that Peter showed was Lyrica. Simply play a song in iTunes and Lyrica will run off and get you the lyrics if you haven’t already got them. You can edit the lyrics within the app before adding them to iTunes. It will also search for and get the lyrics for all songs in a playlist. The app store also keeps a record of your purchases which is accessible through a link at the top of the store.

The meeting ran a little bit overtime and so we all ran out the door to avoid setting the security off!

See you next meeting.


(EDITORIAL NOTE: The app ‘Lyrica’ is no longer available on the Australian App Store – why? Who knows!)

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