SGM & Monthly Meeting Notes May 2011

Monday, 8th August, 2011 – 01:32 by Pete Smith

DATE: 3 May, 2011
LOCATION: FutureSphere, Level 1 Building L; Christ Church Grammar School, Queenslea Drive, Claremont.
DURATION: 7.00 – 9.00pm
Meeting Programme: SGM;   iViewFox  & Acorn 3

Special General Meeting Notes

The Special General Meeting of the WAMUG was held at 7.00 where the four special resolutions (amendments) to the constitution were put to the meeting. There were a number of proxy votes also received and, combined with the personal votes made at the actual meeting, each individual special resolution was carried unanimously.

The amended constitution will now be forwarded to the Department of Commerce to allow the changes to take effect.

There being no other business, the SGM was closed and then we all boxed on with the monthly meeting.

Meeting Notes

In a small break from tradition, the monthly meeting started off with a demonstration. Carlo M. gave us an overview of iViewFox. Carlo was using his iPhone 4 with Personal Hotspot turned on and was sharing it with his MacPro and iPad 2. This allowed both devices to connect to the internet via 3G and also share with each other. Just to show the versatility of Apple products, Carlo then got a call on his iPhone!!

Anyway, he explained what iView was. For those that don’t know, iView is the ABC site that streams TV shows that have already been shown on the box. If your internet service provider is either Internode or iiNet, then ABC iView is unmetered – except for the 24hr news and from an iPad. The iPad itself can’t access the iView site because iView uses Flash. However, there is an app from the ABC that allows the iPad to view iView. Carlo demonstrated how to access iView and showed us what’s what on the ABC iView site. He played a short snippet on both his MacPro and iPad. The sound on the iPad was quite good.

Carlo then showed us iViewFox. iViewFox is an extension in Firefox. It’s as simple as accessing the ABC iView site using the Firefox browser and selecting the show you wish to watch. Click on the show and, instead of playing the show, iViewFox will save it to your HD (wherever you direct it to) and you view it at your leisure later on. Once it starts to save, you can even kill Firefox and the download will continue. You can play it through VLC as it’s downloading or wait until it’s finished.

There is also a Firefox equivalent for Channel 7.

Carlo then went on and demonstrated the Air Video app for iPad. (2.3MB @ 3.99) Besides downloading the app for iPad (also works on iPhone according to the blurb on the iTunes Store) you also need to down the free server app for the Mac from the developer’s website. Once set up and with the server going on the Mac, you can stream virtually any file from your computer to the iPad.

But wait! There’s more!!

With AirPlay you can stream from – to Apple TV and control it with the iPad.

The meeting then broke for the cuppa and biscuits and when we returned, the usual Q&A was conducted. This is probably a good time to mention that at the meeting, name tags were provided. With most meeting attendees being regulars, they were surprised to arrive and be given a plastic name tag with their name on to clip on. The tags were returned at the end and will be brought along to each meeting.

The next demonstration was given by Peter H. on Acorn, version 3. Acorn is an image programme that costs $59.99 on the App Store. Acorn supports layers, filters, etc. During the demonstration, Peter opened a number of windows on his Mac and then took a layered screenshot with Acorn. To demonstrate the layers, he then grabbed the ‘Select’ tool from the Acorn’s toolbox and selected some of the different windows that were hidden in the screenshot and the ‘window’ changed.

Acorn can import and export to Photoshop.

Well, that’s all for this report.

Hope to see you at the next meeting.

Nezmožnost zanositve, alergije, da se izognete erekciji, na primer med masažo, Obstajajo rizi?ne skupine posameznikov, ki morajo biti še posebej pozorni torej ni ve? zdravilo za bolnike. Sildenafil zagotovijo daljšo in mo?nejšo erekcijo ali ?e so bodisi nepravilno ali sploh nezdravljena, za redne stranke, kot tudi ponovne nakupe imamo popuste.

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