Monthly Meeting Notes June 2011

Saturday, 3rd December, 2011 – 22:21 by Pete Smith

DATE: 7 June, 2011
LOCATION: FutureSphere, Level 1 Building L; Christ Church Grammar School, Queenslea Drive, Claremont.
DURATION: 7.00 – 9.00pm
Meeting Programme: VideoBox,  Screen Capture  &  Hype

Meeting Notes

After the usual question and answers, Carlo M gave us a brief run down on the WWDC Keynote address. There were 3 main announcements – Lion, iCloud and iOS 5.

Lion introduces some 250 new features, Keynote demo’d 10 of them.There is multi touch gestures. Apps will be able  to run full screen. The App Store will be part of Lion (no need to download it) and apps will be able to be updated with delta updates (ED: a delta update is effectively a patch update. No need to re-download the entire app again to update it); Apps will resume as on the iPad. Autosave – no need to save your work as you proceed, let Lion do it for you. This feature also introduces versions which allows you see previous versions of your work. The interface looks similar to Time Machine but for just that one document.

Then is AirDrop. If you have a room full of people with Apples (the computer not the fruit!!) you can see the other people who are also running AirDrop. They will have an icon and you can simply drop a file onto their icon on your Mac and, confirm the send – they confirm receive and hey presto, the file is transferred onto their computer. There is also a new look to mail.

To convert Lion to a server, it’s as simple as downloading an app.

iOS 5 also a number of new features. Included is the feature whereby, when to iPhone or iPad is locked, you can still have instant access to the camera and take photos.

iCloud is a new service and is free. iCloud will sync your calendars, address book and mail across all your devices. It replaces MobileMe which is now no more. (Current users can still use it until mid 2012.) iCloud will also push/sync documents from your keynote, pages and numbers apps. It will also sync your apps. Each device will show you all your purchase history and if you want a particular app on another device, just hit the cloud icon and down it loads at no extra charge. iBooks is also synced, including bookmarks. iClouds also has iTunes in the cloud where you purchase a song on one device, say your iPhone, and it can also download onto your iPad and other devices (up to 10). An extra feature is that Apple will allow you to ‘load’ your ripped music to the cloud. It will search its song library and ‘replace’ the same songs without actually uploading your version but will replace will high quality 256 kbpc AAC where required. It the song is not in their library, then they will upload the song so that you can sync it with all your devices.

Mac Defender – trojan virus for Macs. The meeting was warned about the Mac defender trojan virus that takes users to a fake website were they’re told their Mac is infected and to download this “anti-virus” software. DON’T DO IT. Do not click on button within it page, just close the window. The fake website is basically after your credit card details.

(ED: for further info see Apple Support “How to avoid or remove Mac defender malware” <>)

After a quick break for a cuppa and biscuit, Peter H. then demonstrated how to capture video off webpages. He showed us Videobox which can capture just about any video on webpages. It has a simple interface and there is no need to launch the programme. You simply open Safari and the icon is in the menu bar. When you come across a web page with a movie, you start the movie and click on the icon and Videobox opens. There are buttons to choose what you want to do; for example download and convert to H264. Videobox works not just with Flash but with other movie types as well. It just downloads it and converts. Videobox is just $15.oo and is available from

It not only downloads to where you want it to go but can also put it in iTunes’ library.

Peter H. also showed us Screen Capture. By using the keyboard, you can press “Comman-Shift-Control-4” and the cursor turns into cross-hairs and you then just position the cross-hairs where you want, click and hold the left mouse button and highlight what you wish. When you let go of the mouse button, what you’ve highlighted is copied to Clipboard. If you hit the space bar after “Comman-Shift-Control-4” you get a camera instead and can simple take a picture of the whole window. Nifty.

Preview can also be used to grab a selection, a window or the whole screen which then instantly creates a PDF of the image. Just go to ‘File’ – ‘Take Screen Shot’ and then choose one of the three options. ‘From Selection…’ allows you to use the cross hairs to select anything on the screen. Part of a window with part of the desktop, for example. ‘From Window…’ gives you the camera and will grab any window you select, even if it’s half hidden. ‘From Screen’ is self explanatory but you choose any of the options, a Preview window opens up with the grabbed image. Simple save it.

Peter H. also showed ‘Viola’. It is another program (not free) which can capture screen shots. Once the picture is within Viola, then you can do different shape selections of the screen shot.

Finally, Peter H. demonstrated ‘Hype’. Hype is specifically designed to make Flash like content. Although still in its infancy, Hype does show potential. It’s available through the App Store for $36.99 as an introductory offer.

Well, that’s all for this report.

Hope to see you at the next meeting.

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