The easiest way to join WAMUG is to come along to one or two of our monthly meetings and, if you like what you see, remember to leave a cheque or cash to the value of the membership type you wish to sign up for.

You can also pay by electronic transfer or post a cheque.


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NAME     : Western Australian Macintosh Users Group
BSB       : 306-075
Account  : 4197787

Please quote your name in the reference area;


Please email a copy of the remittance advice by clicking here. This will assist in identifying and confirming any request you make to post to the Mailing List


Please make the cheque payable to the “Western Australian Macintosh Users Group” and post to:

WAMUG Treasurer
C/- 49 Woodroyd St

(Please note that WAMUG no longer uses PayMate/PayPal)

The WAMUG subscription year runs for the calendar year from 1 January to 31 December. See Rule 4.4 Subscriptions on the Constitution page for full details of whether you are eligible for a first year half payment if you join later in the year.


General List Membership – $30/yr

General membership allows you to join and post to our email mailing list where there is a wealth of knowledge. The money goes towards paying the bills for our web site and other costs associated with running the group. Find out more on our Mailing List page.

WAMUG also holds a monthly meeting (except January) where you can come along and also get queries answered. There are also demonstrations of latest or interesting software and some hardwares and we try to have a hands-on experience each meeting where you are given a presentation on some software and then you are able to use it yourself on an individual machine.

Unfortunately, we have to charge a $5 entry fee at the meetings specifically to cover insurance and use of the fine facilities. However, one advantage is that if you are a non-member, you can come have a look-see and see if you would like to join.

Corporate Membership – $120/yr

For those businesses that wish to join our community, we have a Corporate Membership available. This allows you to post commercial messages to our mailling list, so long as certain guidelines are met.

  • Messages are limited to one per week.
  • Message subject is preceded with “COM – “

In addition, we will link to your web site under our Corporate Members page and on the right of most other pages.

Honorary Life Member – Awarded

Life memberships are awarded to members of the community that have gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping and guiding others. Members are chosen for the award by the Committee on an as-needed basis and are voted on annually at the AGM.