User Group

The Western Australian Macintosh Users’ Group meets on the first Tuesday of each month except January. See below for full details.

 Next User Group – Tuesday, 3rd March 2020

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Monthly User Group:

At 7.30pm we’ll start with the usual welcome to any new attendees and then have our question and answer session where you can ask those intriguing or niggling questions about anything Apple and Mac. Lately, these have have taken up a big percentage of the user group time which has been great. Many things have been learnt. Some new, some forgotten, some a different way to do it. Everyone has been able to participate and it has been a fantastic hands-on experience with people learning how-to on their devices.

We will follow that up with our “Tell & Share” session where we will ask you to share some trick or tip you have recently found to do with the use of software on your mac, or iPad, or iPhone. It doesn’t have to be cutting edge stuff and it doesn’t matter if you think others would already know it, let us know anyway. We’re interested in what members are learning and, trust me, not everyone will know what you think they know!

Next we will have a couple of topics to discuss and show you some tricks on.

Of, course, don’t forget our cuppa and biscuits.

The user group ends by 9.30pm.

This coming month’s topics are, in no particular order;

😀 – Spreadsheets; the basics including formulae.
🙄 – .
😯 – .

So pack up your questions, grab your $5, pick up your iPad if you’ve got one and head on down to Prowest.

Location: Bullcreek Leeming Scout Hall, Bob Gordon Reserve, Benningfield Road, Bullcreek.

                  <View in Google Maps>.   Gregory’s UBD map ref: 328 J 11.

Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Cost: $5

(WAMUG charges $5 per person per meeting to help offset the costs of public liability insurance (now a mandatory requirement) and room hire etc.)