August User Group

Wednesday, 26th October, 2022 – 19:17 by Pete Smith

The August monthly user group will be held on Tuesday, 2 August 2022.

The User Groups are currently being conducted by the use of Zoom.  See User Group page for full details.

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AGM And March User Group

Monday, 15th August, 2022 – 19:23 by Pete Smith

The 2022 annual general meeting of the Western Australian Macintosh Users’ Group will be held immediately before the March User Group meeting.

The March monthly user group will be held on Tuesday, 1 March 2022.

The User Groups are currently being conducted by the use of Zoom.  See User Group page for full details.

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Mailing List Problems

Friday, 2nd October, 2009 – 22:00 by Administrator

We are having some issues with the mailing list at the moment. Please bear with us, while we get it sorted out.

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Annual General Meeting

Sunday, 4th March, 2018 – 22:26 by Pete Smith

The Annual General meeting of WAMUG will be held in April this year at the same time as the monthly meeting. More details will be published after the March monthly meeting.

Would you consider becoming a committee member?

Mailing List Now Member Only

Monday, 2nd July, 2012 – 23:28 by Pete Smith


After much careful consideration, the WAMUG Committee have decided that the Mailing List, as of 1 July 2012, will be a member only list. This was not a decision taken lightly but suffice to say that a full explanation was given on the mailing list prior to the change.

The ‘new’ procedures on how to join and subscribe are fully explained on the ‘Join’ and the ‘Mailing List’ pages.

At this stage, previous subscribers to the list who are not currently members have not actually been removed from the list. Their ability to post, however, has been blocked.

Only current financial members can actually post to the list.

Website Moderator on behalf of the WAMUG Committee.

Constitution Amended

Monday, 4th July, 2011 – 18:17 by Pete Smith

On the 3 May 2001, members voted at a special general meeting in relation to four amendments to the WAMUG constitution. The amendments (or special resolutions) were in relation to clauses:-

4.4 – Subscriptions (a change to the calendar year);
4.11 – Corporate Members (now allowed to serve on the committee subject to clause 6.1);
6.1 – Constitution of the Committee (corporate members must total less than 50% of number of committee members); and
6.2 – Election of Officers and Members of the Committee (election of vice president and secretary).

Following the meeting, the amended constitution was forwarded to the Department of Commerce for acceptance. Read the rest of this entry »

New Monthly Meetings Page

Tuesday, 25th January, 2011 – 18:10 by Pete Smith

G’day all.

The WAMUG website is finally undergoing some renovations. We’re learning as we go (and probably forgetting and having to re-learn too! – weeelll, me anyway!!!) so it will be bit-by-bit.

The ‘Meeting’ page is the first to be modified. It has the latest details of the next meeting and will be updated regularly.

Keep an eye out on the site and see if you can spot the changes. Some will be minor and others somewhat more involved. We’ll let you you know about some but not all!


Pete Smith

Monthly Meeting – February 2011

Monday, 10th January, 2011 – 16:51 by Pete Smith

DATE: 1 February, 2011
LOCATION: FutureSphere, Level 1 Building L; Christ Church Grammar School, Queenslea Drive, Claremont.
DURATION: 7.30 – 9.00pm
Meeting Programme: Running Windows within Apple   &   The new App store for Mac.

Meeting Notes

The meeting started with the usual questions and answers and a look at Peter H’s screen saver when it clicked on. Cute bunny rabbits hopping all over the screen and leaving gorgeous little feet marks everywhere! Anyway, there were only a few questions this month but one notable one was about the ability to manually sort photos in iPhoto. It was interesting that amongst the group present with their

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Monthly Meeting Notes April 2011

Saturday, 1st January, 2011 – 23:26 by Pete Smith

DATE: 5 April, 2011
LOCATION: FutureSphere, Level 1 Building L; Christ Church Grammar School, Queenslea Drive, Claremont.
DURATION: 7.00 – 9.00pm
Meeting Programme: IOS 4.3;  Toast 11;  and Ronni’s presentation of her Honorary Life Membership

Meeting Notes

The meeting got off to an inauspicious start when it was discovered that the viewing screen, that lowered electronically from the roof, was not working. So one and all trundled into a smaller room and it was all go from there.

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Travels with the MacBook Air

Friday, 5th June, 2009 – 22:44 by Susan

Hi, I thought people might be interested in how the MacBook Air (MBA) fares as a sole computer for a WAMUG member.

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